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“Load on Module failed – not enough disc space” error

Policy installation / fetch fails on Centrally Managed

The fix is included since:

As an immediate workaround, manually delete the temporary policy files on the SMB Appliance:

Connect to the command line on SMB Appliance.
Log in to Expert mode.
Delete the temporary policy files:
#rm $FWDIR/state/__tmp/FW1/*
To increase the size of the partition on-the-fly:
[Expert@HostName]# mount tmpfs /fwtmp -t tmpfs -o size=250m,remount
Install the policy again.
the size of the partition permanently:
Backup the current start up script /pfrm2.0/etc/userScript:
[Expert@HostName]# cp /pfrm2.0/etc/userScript /pfrm2.0/etc/userScript_ORG

Note: The userScript file does not exist by default. It should be created.
Edit the current start up script /pfrm2.0/etc/userScript
[Expert@HostName]# vi /pfrm2.0/etc/userScript

Add the following command in this script:
mount tmpfs /fwtmp -t tmpfs -o size=250m,remount

Save the changes and exit from Vi editor.
Reboot the appliance.

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