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[[email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -Rdd qt5-base
[[email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -Syyu

R80 – Importing Log Files from SmartEvent Servers

To import offline log files, add events to the SmartEvent Server. By default, you can import the 14
most recent days of offline logs. To import more days of logs, change the log indexing settings.

Edit $INDEXERDIR/log_indexer_custom_settings.conf in a text editor.

Delete these lines;

Add this line;

Steam : Fix libGL error: unable to load driver:

Downgrade libcrypt

Remove Libraries;

How to send Check Point Tracker Logs to External Syslog Server

Add following line at the end. Please note this is a single line command so add it appropriately.
If required just type it manually


Edit cpboot file;

Add following line at the end.


Check Point – Useful performance commands


0 unlimited.

error: confuse: signature from “Thorsten Töpper ” is unknown trust

Upgrade from R77.20 to R77.30 upgrade conflict with hotfix “HOTFIX_TURKEY_2015_TIMEZONE_340”

A fix conflict was detected during pre-install validation.
To prevent system instability, installation will not continue.
Please contact Check Point support with the following information:
HFA Check Point SecurePlatform R77 R77_30
Conflict with hotfix HOTFIX_TURKEY_2015_TIMEZONE_340 – details:

Remove Registry;

Remove Hotfix;

Checkpoint Gaia – Reset Expert Password

Gaia Üzerinde Expert Password’ü değiştirmek için; aşağıdaki yöntemi uygulayınız. Checkpoint support üzerinde sk92347 inceleyebilirsiniz.

set user USERNAME password-hash $1$vCbd0F3d$FjawgvrKBN.4EpAli59Wy/0

R75.40 / R75.40VS / R75.45 / R75.46 / R75.47 versiyonları için,

set expert-password hash $1$vCbd0F3d$FjawgvrKBN.4EpAli59Wy/0

R76 / R77 ve üzeri versiyonlar için,

set expert-password-hash $1$vCbd0F3d$FjawgvrKBN.4EpAli59Wy/0

Değişiklikleri kaydedin,

Yeni şifre için
R75.45 ve üzeri,

R75.40 için,

Değişiklikleri kaydedin: