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Upgrade to InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance (IMSVA) 9.1

Upgrade 9.0 Patch 1 to 9.1

Backup IMSVA 9.0 Patch 1
Mount External Disk

mount /dev/sdb /var/udisk
# mkdir /var/udisk/app_data_backup

Copy all files to the disk:

cp -–preserve --recursive /var/app_data/* /var/udisk/app_data_backup/

Stop IMSVA Services:

# /opt/trend/imss/script/ stop
service crond stop

Start IMSVA Services:

# /opt/trend/imss/script/ start
service crond start

Use the following command in the CLI console to verify there are no
messages in the Postfix queue:

# postqueue –p

Upgrading a Single IMSVA
Restart the server that you want to upgrade with the IMSVA Installation DVD.
verify the upgrade:

# tail -f /var/app_data/installlog

2016/09/03 23:53:04 EEST [5446:-142989632] Upgrade succeeded. []

restart IMSVA services from the CLI console:

# /mnt/backup/

verify the upgrade:

# tail -f /var/app_data/installlog

To roll back to IMSVA 9.0 Patch 1, use the following commands:

# /mnt/backup/
Do you want to complete the upgrade process[yes/no]:yes
The dry run has stopped.
InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance has upgraded to 9.1 successfully.

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