How to change Postfix configuration for Threat Emulation MTA

Non-Delivery Configuration:

  1. Connect to command line on Security Gateway (over SSH, or console).
  2. Log in to Expert mode.
  3. Backup the /opt/postfix/etc/postfix/ file:[[email protected]]# cp /opt/postfix/etc/postfix/ /opt/postfix/etc/postfix/main.cf_ORG
  4. Edit the /opt/postfix/etc/postfix/ file:[[email protected]]# vi /opt/postfix/etc/postfix/
  5. Add the desired parameters. notify_classes = bounce, resource, softwareRefer to official Postfix Configuration Parameters page.
  6. Save the changes in the file and exit from Vi editor.
  7. In SmartDashboard, install the Threat Prevention policy.

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